Tecomotive develops and sells unique electronic devices for the use in vehicles all kinds.

We place a high value not only to the function but also the usability, durability,
quality, and the appearance of our products.



New tinyCWA version.
After quite some time, there are finally new tinyCWA controllers.
tinyCWA product page


We have added the Pierburg CWP35 to our portfolio.
It is very suitable for systems in the small to medium performance range.
This way to the CWP35 product page.


We have added the Pierburg CWA150 to our portfolio.
This one is very suitable for systems with higher back pressures.
This way to the CWA150 product page. :-)


On the request of some customers we are now offering a (Audi intercooler pump) Upgrade Kit.
With this it is easy to upgrade an existing Pierburg CWA50 water pump to a bigger CWA100.
CWA50 to CWA100-3 Adapter Kit