Tecomotive develops and sells unique electronic devices for the use in vehicles all kinds.

We place a high value not only to the function but also the usability, durability,
quality, and the appearance of our products.



We have completely revised the tinyCWA firmware! (once again)
The previously available variants (Engine Cooling, Intercooler and manual version)
are now summarized to one large variant that can do everything of the above.
Furthermore, it now has new LED animations to display certain operating states and warnings.
Tecomotive „tinyCWA“ - New Version 2018 -


For some time now we are supplying our customers with the electric water pumps from Pierburg.
Now you can simply order them via our brand new online store.
In addition to that you can find a lot of useful information about them on our product pages.
(incl. CAD files)


Our tinyCWA just got a new feature.
It is now possible to slow down the pumps maximum speed or make it virtually smaller.
(Yes that can actually be useful.)
More on that matter in the manual on page 10.