Pierburg CWA100-3 Water Pump + tinyCWA Kit

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A bundle of our tinyCWA controller and a Pierburg CWA100-3 water pump. Including all connectors... more
Product information "Pierburg CWA100-3 Water Pump + tinyCWA Kit"

A bundle of our tinyCWA controller and a Pierburg CWA100-3 water pump.
Including all connectors and other accessories.

We offer the connector in two versions.
Pre-crimped with a length of wire attached to it (standard) or as a kit for you to crimp yourself.
Attention: The tinyCWA connector is relatively small (TE AMPMODU).
(A small crimp tool is needed)


Tecomotive “tinyCWA“
The controller for the Pierburg CWA type water pumps

  • Engine speed independent cooling
  • Integrated cooling fan controller
  • No more overheating at engine idle
  • No thermostat necessary
  • Quick and predictive control algorithm
  • Delayed shutdown
  • LED warning system and safety functions

An automotive controller for Pierburg’s electric water pumps CWA50 / CWA100 / CWA200 / CWA400
... used by many OEM's such as BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz ...

The Tecomotive “tinyCWA” is able to control all CWA type electric water pumps (eWP) in the appropriate manner.
It is suitable for cars or any other thing where smart cooling is required.

When activated the controller is measuring the current coolant temperature and the rate of increase with the connected
temperature sensor.
With this data it then calculates the appropriate water flow and sends a signal to the pump where the internal pump electronics then set it to the right speed. This way you will always have the right pump speed for any circumstances.

We developed this product with very special attention to quality, operational safety, ease of use and a very nice appearance.

The compact and robust case measures only 45x45x12mm. (1.77x1.77x1/2inches)


  • Simple to set up with only one rotary switch
  • Choose your favorite target temperature in six steps from 15°C to 100°C (59°F to 212°F)
  • LED display shows the current pump speed or rough coolant temperature
  • Compact and robust robust case
  • Relay output for the radiator fan (recommend to use)
  • Delayed shutdown of the pump and the fan after ignition turned off
  • Manually control the pump speed (e.g. for bleeding or testing)
  • LED warning system and various safety features

Pierburg CWA100-3

The CWA100-3 is a successor of the CWA100-2 we are also offering. The dimensions and the weight is nearly the same.
New is the freshly designed impeller housing with slightly shorter water in and outlets and the bigger electrical connector.
Suitable for instance for intercooling in combustion engine vehicles and cooling of various systems in electrical vehicles.


  • Name: "Pierburg CWA100-3"
  • Operation voltage: 8-16 volts
  • Weight: approx. 1.0 kg
  • Current consumption: 8.5A max. / (approx. 0.2mA in standby mode)
  • Nominal diff. pressure: ≥ 0.75 bar *
  • Flow rate: approx. 30-35 l/min @ 0.75bar / 40-45 l/min @ 0.50bar
  • Speed: approx. 7000 rpm
  • Temperature range: -40°C – 110°C (water) / -40°C – 120°C (ambient)
  • Protection: IP 67 + IP 69 K


CWA100-3 Datasheet EN (pdf)

3D CAD files:
CWA100-3 3D CAD (zip)

(Current operating instructions)
Tecomotive "tinyCWA" manual (pdf)



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